Saturday, November 22, 2008


We are moving! We found a bigger house only 11 blocks away from where we currenlty live. We are actually moving right now...except me. I'm sick with sinus infection and either my iron levels are down or I'm getting sick with something else because I can't even walk across the room without being totally drained of all energy. So everyone is moving my stuff for me. Kinda sucks!!!

Wednesday, November 5, 2008

Rylee's Birthday

Rylee turned 11 on October 26th.
Here she is with the cake my mom made. Didn't Mom do a great job?

Blow out the candles!!!

For Rylee's birthday, I handed down my opal and diamond ring to her. When I was 15, my Grandma Strottman gave it to me when I was confirmed. Since Rylee and I both share the October birthstone, I thought it would be a perfect gift for her.
Here she is opening it..finally, after a month of Gigi tormenting her!

The ring

Rylee and Aunt Gigi

Happy Birthday Baby...I hope it was special!